Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Welcome Wine

One of our first stops after settling into the apartment was Mono Prix for some essentials.We settled on a simple white to welcome us to Cannes. 

The wine was light and fresh, perfect to go along with our lunch. Tomatoes and mozzarella is a personal favorite of mine. And a little fresh french bread doesn't hurt. 

The wine was a little tart, which was a nice compliment to the cheese. It had very citrus undertones, orange and lemon were what I picked up on the most. The wine came from the Loire Valley in France. It had a real kick to it, a bite you could feel in your cheeks.
We served it slightly chilled and thoroughly enjoyed this refreshing and crisp white wine.

Wine info- Gros Plant du Pays Nantas, from the Loire Valley. It was $3. Enjoy responsibly

Side note- I had two glasses of this and had a headache for the next 17 hours, cheap white wine will give you a headache to beat the band, avoid at all costs. 

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