Sunday, October 12, 2014

Backpackers Book Club

When you spend hours and hours on trains, planes, ferries and in strangers cars reading material is critical.

So here are some of the things we have read this summer.

1. Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis 
This rock star autobiography really just makes you want to try drugs. It also made me realize how stable and unremarkable my childhood was thus why I am not a cracked out rockstar. But be ready to cry and shutter at some of the scenes.

2. The Strip by J.J. Salem
A trashy beach read, no other way to put it. But quick, amusing and simple. Exactly the kind of book you want to read on a lounge while you drift off into dreamland. Set in Las Vegas it follows three women as they try and navigate unhappy and sometimes down right abusive husbands, with the help of their beautiful gigolo.

3. The Beautiful and the Damned by F. Scott Firzgerald
F. Scott is a wonderful author to read while traveling. His characters have always traveled extensively during their privileged youths. The B and the D is typical F. Scott, takes places in NYC,  rich men, beautiful women, but the prose are divine and it makes you want to be a wasp. But be ready for angst, Anthony is nothing  if not angst-ridden.

4. Pope Joan by Donna Cross.
This novel takes you through the life of the 13th century female Pope. A very interesting read it seamlessly paints a picture of life in the 13th century and the subjugation of women during that time. Joan takes up life as a man and becomes the physician to the Pope. Lots of political intrigue woven in with interesting facts of everyday life in the Middle Ages. I wouldn't be shocked if the story was true.

5. Crusade by Robyn Young 
A novel told from the point of view of a young Templar knight and a Mamluk commander. The novel presents very well the feelings and believes held by both sides that fueled this ongoing battle. It also explores the rigid life of the Templar Order, which I find particularly fascinating. Any secret society hooks me right away. 

We are always reading and you should be too! Our next list will be out shortly. 


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