Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tourist Fashion

No one wants to look like a tourist. That's just a fact of life. But it's hard to create an outfit that is cute, and comfortable enough to explore in, and not end up looking like you just failed on an episode of  "Naked and Afraid".

The whole point of going to a new city is to see it. But if you have blisters you'll end up back at the hotel faster than you can say "Check Please"

We will attempt to blend--
A- being able to walk at least 10 miles and climb to the highest point within the city (which is always a must)
B- looking picture perfect yet practical (it's really all about the shoes)
C- incorporating a certain international flare (ie: yachting headscarf)

And hopefully with suggestions and lessons we have learned, the next time you go on an adventure, your wardrobe will be on point for all your Instagrams.

Nothing ruins your Eiffel Tower backdrop faster than a parka, backpack, puma combo. 

Take the above photo, my hair is pulled up andI'm wearing jucy sweatpants, both of which are never appropriate, ever. 
Nicki on the other hand looks like an adorable Irish sheep farmer. Well done Nicki, way to dress for the rainy Irish countryside.

Of course, this will also include some outrageous advice no one should ever follow. But then again, it might be amusing if you do. 

It's an adventure, if you can't wear that purple sequin bikini on the Riviera then what is the point of owning a yacht?


  1. Great post! And I agree...traveling and looking nice in your photos can be hard to accomplish. Especially in the summer months when all you want to do is wear sandals but your feet and back tell you heck no! Enjoy the travels!

  2. Exactly! Too bad tennis shoes are not really fashionable haha