Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Off to the Île

Who can resist an island? Certainly not us! Île Sainte-Marguerite here we come! 

Bye bye Cannes

We took a bit of a "nature hike" up the hill to the prison hoping to uncover the mystery of the Man in the Iron Mask .

Hello little friend
A perfect place for a little picnic, don't you think?
Please note the scarf progression throughout the day.
I love a good scarf. It has so many functions. Mine is a bit more of a sarong, meaning it is giant. I use it for everything; towel, sweater, beach cover up, head scarf, dish rag, you name it! Don't be afraid to experiment!


If you go to the Île make sure to wear good walking shoes, the stones are slick and the hill is steep. 

Larry the bird
Once inside the prison, it's free on Saturday mornings, we went into the cell that held the Man in the Iron Mask. I love this story. A man locked away with his face covered and no record of who he was or what he had done. A twin to the King of France perhaps?

The roof of the prison has wonderful panoramic views of the harbor and Cannes. Don't miss it!

A headscarf is a tricky thing to pull off, the number one thing you need is confidence. If you don't have that I also recommend a yacht. Headscarves are chic and if you are going to be spending time on the Mediterranean you need to learn how to wear one. So break it out and rock it because they are cool, trust me.

After leaving the prison we followed the coastal path around to the far side of the island. The beaches are rocky so they aren't as nice to lay on, but the dense forest in the center of the island is very calming. The water is crystal clear and very cold, but worth a dip if you are brave.

Best Friends

Though our trip to the Île was quick, only half a day, it was perfect. Every so often you need a little island time in your life. Get off the mainland and gain some prospective, a piña colada doesn't hurt either. 


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  1. You really should trademark the modern headscarf. If/when this blog takes off, I see a scarf line in your future. Also, I can't wait for your posts on London/UK (my potential future place of residence....shhhh). Miss you tons.

    xx K
    (my future blog link here)