Friday, May 2, 2014

The Art of Quitting

I work at an art gallery and it just so happens that I am currently the only gallery assistant. There were two others when I started, one was let go and one quit. It just makes it ten times harder for me to quit because there is literally no one else to take up my responsibilities. Obvi I'm super important. But now I feel I need to give extra time for them to find a replacement. Especially since we have a show at the gallery next weekend and several Women Who Wine classes lined up for several weeks after. 

Giraffe on Red inspired by Bob Ransley Original
This is Mr. Giraffe, I painted him at our last Women who wine class

I've never quit a job before, besides that one week I refused to go back to my Nanny job because the little girl had lice. No thank you. So I don't really now how to go about it. 

Charlie Brown

Today is D-day. Luckily the owner is in Mexico so I only have to break it to the Director, and hopefully she will tell the owner before he comes back and I have to tell him myself :-| Funny enough I have the same plan as Meg. I'm going to blame it all on her! Spur of the moment she asked me to travel the world with her and we leave in a month! How romantic, if only she were a man. (though I'm sure we'll find plenty along the way ;) )

I think I'm being extremely generous with almost a full months notice, though if they find some superstar they'll probably force me out before then. Fingers crossed they don't because I still need the money to add to my trip fund :/ 
Now I just have to see what they say. I'm curious to see who they get to replace me because, you know I'm irreplaceable. 

Coco Chanel Quote

In reality quitting was much easier than I thought it was going to be. I was having a minor panic attract when I went to tell the gallery director, (I walked in and out of the office 4 or 5 times before I finally got the courage to go in and talk to her, she must of thought I was going insane) and she couldn't have been more nice about it. She was extremely happy and excited for me and thinks it's a wonderful opportunity. She happened to have a friend who was thinking of moving to the DC area so she didn't even have to look for anyone to replace me. And thankfully she also told the owner, Boots. My conversation with him was a little more awkward but not in the way I thought it'd be. The chat went a little bit something like this...

Boots: So I hear you are going to Europe for the summer. You must be looking forward to that. 
Me: Oh I'm extremely excited! 
Boots: Where are you going? 
Me: We rented an apartment in Cannes in the South of France. 
Boots: Can I come with you?
Me: You can come visit. (Um no) 
Boots: Can I? So when do you leave?
Me: June 2nd. 
Boots: Wow so soon, are your parents going? 
Me: No, I'm going with a friend from high school. 
Boots: Do I know him? What's his name? 
Me: Uhh it's my friend Meg, she's a girl. 
Boots: Oh you're going with a girl... I thought you were running away for a romantic trip to Europe with a man. 
Me: No that would be better. 
Boots: Yes, that would be better...

I believe he may think I'm a lesbian, but whatever. Him not being mad at me was the biggest relief. Now I just have to help train the new girl who starts next week. I don't know how I'll be at training someone but we'll see... Surprisingly I think I'll actually miss the gallery a bit.

The Gallery, after I set up for one of our Women Who Wine classes.

Besides my giraffe masterpiece and pic of the gallery, I found the other pics on Pinterest 


  1. So exciting! We recently did the same thing. Sooo worth it.

    1. Definitely worth it! We leave at the beginning of June and we are so excited!!!

  2. Hey ladies!

    We spoke for a quick second on instagram and I told you I'd send you a list of restaurants to try while you're here! Here's my top 10 right now:

    1. City House (Nashville Staple. Upscale Italian. The wine selection is out of this world.)
    2. Barista Parlor (Go for coffee and breakfast. The macrons are exquisite and so are the waffles)
    3. Josephine (Raving reviews for the beef cheeks, cheese plate, and brussels sprouts)
    4. DeSano's (Really, really great authentic pizza. Get a Canoli while you're at it).
    5. Edley's or Martin's BBQ. (While I do prefer Edley's, they are both amazing options).
    6. Pancake Pantry (Get the sweet potato can thank me later)
    7. Burger Up (Phenomenal Cocktails. The aioli sauce/ketchup are perfect for dipping one of their perfect french fry options into. Love the bison burger.)
    8. Crema (Best coffee in the city).
    9. Epice (Lebanese food. I've heard marvelous things about the hummus and the sea bass).
    10. The Southern (One of my favorite Brunches. The steak eggs benedict is outstanding.

    Other things you might want to consider are: Pinewood Social Club, Nashville Farmer's Market on Friday or Saturday, the Country Music Hall of Fame, and depending on what you like to do these might be helpful blog posts to check out ;)

    * <--Thorough City Guide!

    Have the BEST time. Let me know if ya'll have any questions!


  3. Thank you so much Lauren!! It's going to be hard to pick which ones to visit. Or we may just have to eat 5 meals, a day, which I think is really the best option!

  4. Haha this made me laugh. I just quit my job too a few weeks ago, it always seems worse than it actually is. Have fun!

    1. Haha It's so true! It's never as bad as you imagine it's going to be! Thanks!