Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fields of Lavender

"Lavender is the soul of Provence" ~ Jean Giono (French author)
And the smell is just intoxicating...

 We had been trying to plan a trip to Provence for awhile. The train was expensive and we would have to take a shuttle from field to field once we got there. It just didn't seem like it was going to work out. Luckily, we had Julia with us and altogether we were able to afford to rent a car for a day. Split between the 3 of us the cost of the car really wasn't that bad. The day after Monaco we got up super early and I drove us to Provence. The drive was about 2 hours and I was white-knuckle driving for about the first 30minutes. I was terrified of driving in Europe but really it's no different than driving at home, except for the thousands of roundabouts... Once we got to Provence we couldn't believe our eyes. We jumped out of the car and immediately got lost in the lavender fields.

Julia looks like such an Angel 

Tourists everywhere, and Meg and Julia...

The first place we went was Sénanque Abbey.
Monks actually still live here. You can take a tour inside the Abbey but they are only in French. So we decided to stay outside and frolic through the fields a bit more. 

Popping out of the Lavender 

Walking through the fields and picking the lavender = FORBIDDEN but because we are annoying Americans we did both. We are such rebels...
Thank God we didn't get bitten by a snake or scorpion...

View of the Abbey from the back 

After we finished thoroughly enjoying the Abbey fields, we were obsessed. We jumped back in the car in search of more. We got lost driving around town but we finally found what we were looking for... More Lavender!!

It's not a selfie if there's 3 of us right?

Cute little snail 

We stumbled upon a sunflower field next to a lavender field and Julia was in absolute heaven. I think she could have stayed in that field forever.

^ Left side of the road....
^ Right side of the road...
Big difference...

Baby lavender with Julia in the distance

After we had seen all the lavender we could see and smell all the lavender we could smell we hopped back in the car to head home. Then Meg had a brilliant idea! Since we had the car for the entire day why not go to Saint Tropez for dinner? So that's exactly what we did. We drove down skinny winding roads and I thought we were going to fly off the side of a cliff and die several times.  But thankfully we made it alive.
Saint Tropez is Yacht heaven.


The yachts of my dreams.
Seriously, crazy isn't it?! 

If you want to see more about our trip to Provence check out Meg's previous post! Provence c'est Magnifique

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