Monday, August 4, 2014

Viener Schnitzels and Prietzels

After Prague we went to Vienna, which I am aware Meg has written about already. But with the amount of pictures I have, I feel that it would be sad (aka I would be sad) not to show them. I'm trying not post the exact same pictures as Meg so our posts aren't exactly the same, so hopefully there aren't any duplicates.

Be prepared there are lot of pictures in this post. I forgot how much we did...

Some annoying tourists ruining Meg's picture... They are everywhere. 
The first thing in Vienna we did was go to the Treasury. So here are about a hundred pictures just from the Treasury.  

My reflection creepin in the background...

Ever seen an emerald this giant before? 


Nail from the Cross 

Can you see me? 

It's hard to see here but this fabric was made from gold thread. 

My reflection is just everywhere isn't it. I hate that everything has to be behind a glass case. 

Piece of the table cloth from the Last Supper and piece from Christ's loincloth - or maybe it was the blanket he was they covered him with (either way they both look exactly the same to me...)

A tooth, belonging to someone holy, I think it was a Saint. Clearly my I don't have all the details. I really need to start writing stuff down. 

You have finally reached the end of the Treasury section! 

Next we went to explore the city.

The next day we went to the Sisi museum, which we weren't allowed to take pictures of, but don't worry! Our tickets also included a tour of the royal family's silver collection. So here are about another hundred pictures of miscellaneous silver-wear... 

The art of folding napkins, a necessary skill to have back in the day apparently. 

Sisi and Franz 

The museum referred to this as a dolphin, but it looks nothing like a dolphin to me...

I loved all the seashell shaped things, I believe they belonged to the summer silver-wear collection. 

Finally out of the Sisi museum we got some fresh air walking around the nearby gardens. 

We got the combo ticket (for a reduced price) so our Sisi museum ticket also included entry into the Schonbrunn palace, just a short metro ride out of the center of the city. The royal family's summer estate. How nice. 

Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take pictures inside of the palace either. 

Except for the little chapel inside and the gorgeous gardens in the back.

Attempting to use the self timer on my camera, not so successful. 

But first, lemme take a selfie.

Meg in her usual state. 

You can see all of Vienna from here. 

Another attempt, still not really successful. 

All in all Vienna was great, we stayed at a youth hostel which was pretty terrible because there were hoardes of preteens running around. But at least breakfast was included. We only spent around 3 days in Vienna and I think it was a bit short, I would have definitely liked a bit more time. I recommend going for maybe around 5ish days. There is a ton of touristy things to do there! And besides the palace mostly everything is centrally located. 

And just in case you didn't see enough here are a few more pics. Just because... 

Málaga flavored gelato!!! Just like study abroad... nostalgic 

Local cider, served on ice. At first I thought this was strange but now when I order cider in other countries they almost always give me a cup of ice. Which I've really come to enjoy!

If my delayed posts are bothering anyone please let me know! It may be throwing people off that I am a few places behind Meg in posts, so if it's annoying I will skip ahead a few and get to our more recent adventures. I'd love to hear some feedback if anyone ever has any...

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