Monday, August 25, 2014

Champagne & Caviar

Champagne, France, is like Candy Land for adults, but instead of candy there's endless flutes filled with bubbily goodness. God, I just love Champagne. 

Yesterday we spent hours going through museums, so today we decided to do something a little bit different. Meg had a friend who was studying in London who came down to Paris with a few friends to meet us. The five of us got pretty and jumped on a train going out of the city. Why would we ever leave Paris you ask? Well to go to Champagne of course.  It has always been one of my dreams to go to Champagne so I was thrilled! We tried to set up a cellar tour At Veuve Clicquot but every tour they had was booked way in advance. So we went to the next best one, Moet & Chandon.

We started the tour upstairs in the family's former estate. Which includes portraits of the original family members who created the brand.

Decsending Into the freezing underground cellar.
Map of the region of Champagne that shows where certain grapes grow.

Seriously, so much Champagne.

They clay walls are very pourous and damp to the touch.

The numbers are a secret code referring to how many bottles there are in the pile, which type of champagne it is, which year its from etc.

If you look closely you can see the sedements collecting at the bottom of the bottle. This is why the bottles are stored at an angle so it is easy to remove before it is ready to be sold.

Every bottle must be rotated everyday to ensure all the sediments will collect at the top of the bottle for easy removal.

Look at that sweat!

Separate part of the cellar where Dom Perignon is distilled, so fancy.

Now on to the best and my personal favorite part of the tour, the tasting.
Welcome to the tasting room!

I had the vintage Moet from 2006, which was a little bit more expensive around 35euro. The other girls tasted the Moet you can buy in stores right now, that was around 28euro.

Their "summer" champagne you drink on Ice. I really want to try some.
Cheers girls!

Despite the idiotic parents who brought their annoying SCREAMING children along, this tour is my favorite activity we have done thus far. But really who brings toddlers on an alcohol tour?

Gift shop anyone?

No clue?
I need a chandelier like this.
We bought a bottle to share between the five of us.
Ok maybe we got two.

The monk Dom Perignon

After we walked around town for a bit we hopped back on the train to Paris. The train was about 90 minutes so we were back in the city with plenty of time for another adventure. Come back tomorrow to see what we did with the second part of our day!


  1. We're going next week! Seriously can't wait. Come meet us if you want :)
    -Kelsie @

    1. Oh you'll have a fabulous time! But we are actually going to start heading towards Italy next week. How long are you guys in Europe? Maybe we can meet somewhere else along the way.