Thursday, June 5, 2014

Casual Cannes Summer

It finally hit me that we did, in fact, move to France. How I convinced not only myself, but another adult, that this was a solid life choice and career move is beyond me, but I am very glad I did. 

Our backyard

Our first day in Cannes was spent exploring. We began, as any good tourist would, by walking down the Corsette. 
Just right for a swim

What a cute little doorway
The flowerpots are absolutely stunning and all over town

Nicki ready for her close up
Glad to see they heard we were coming

We may not be staying, but we couldn't resist a peak inside

What a great use of color, and I love the glass, easy to copy

Just hanging out

Palm Beach

The view across the bay
On our way back into town we walked down Rue d' Antibes. Just a block off the Crosette it has a much more intimate feel, filled with charming patisseries and glamorous clothing stores.
One of each sounds about right, they are truly eatable art

Repetto is enduringly whimsical

When we arrived home it was time for dinner. Bread and wine seemed like the most logical choice. We may have to grocery shop for real tomorrow. As much as I am enjoying this all carb diet, my bathing suit will not appreciate it.

Still warm

Serve chilled

One of the perks of our apartment are the windows, we are close enough to the sea that we can smell and hear it, which is a delightful addition to our rooms.  
 I would have to say Cannes was the right choice.

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