Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Going Native

 We have finally arrived in France!

The trip was relatively easy with only a few bumps in the road...

Like when we both took the recommended dosage of zzzzquil and neither of us fell asleep on the 7hour+ flight. Note to self: for long plane rides take at least double the recommended dose. 
Note to everyone else: we are not doctors, we do not actually endorse taking more than the recommended dose. 

Thank god Virgin Atlantic had tons of movies available to watch.

And the bitch in heathrow airport who made me throw out most of my liquids from my purse because I had too many... Even though they were all under the 3oz/100ml limit she didn't care. So annoying, now it have to go out and buy those same things all over again... And when we took a bus from the airport to a train station 30mins away even though the train has a stop just across the street from the airport. Thank you airport people who told us to do this... You owe us 12euros. 

Besides carrying around our over-packed backpacks - literally the weight was unbearable.I don't understand how people do this more than once... Everything else was mostly a breeze.

we may have over-packed just a tad

Seriously, I thought my thighs were going to bust when I was carrying my backpack up all these stairs. 

Now that we are in France and settled into our apartment we can't wait for our new lives to start! 

It's so beautiful and we are so excited it doesn't even feel real! 

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