Friday, June 6, 2014

To Market, To Market

On our second day in Cannes we went to the Marche Forville market in the middle of town.

It was a precious little thing filled with beautiful flowers, fresh succulent fruits and vegetables and the catch of the day of course.

Meg says this is what real tomatoes look like... Who knew?

Anyone in the mood for some barracuda?

Yes, I believe those are starfish

Meg had done some research online and found out that the market was near a cheese shop (fromagerie) so we knew we had to go. 

Spotted on our way to the Fromagerie. I had no idea Claire's was an international chain... Interesting.

The Fromagerie had an overwhelming scent, now don't get me wrong I love cheese, but I have to admit the smell of moldy cheese, like blue cheese etc. Is not my favorite. Thankfully there was enough cheese inside for even the pickiest person to find something they would love.

Doughnut shaped cheese

I'll take an entire wheel please!
There was even a hanging balls of cheese.

See instagram

God I just love cheese. I have no idea what kind of cheese this is but it sure looks deliciously stringy.

After a full day of food shopping we finally had some real nutritious food to eat, not that our daily baguette with jam and butter is unhealthy or anything... 

All in all it was a perfect second day in Cannes, and not to mention the weather is gorgeous here. The few hours we had free after our grueling shop were spent lying on the beach (All that shopping was exhausting). We are planning to spend as much time on the beach soaking in the sun as possible. 

Sorry gotta run, my ride's here! 

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