Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Un week-end à Paris

A weekend in Paris is one of my favorite ways to spend a weekend. 


We took a morning flight up from the Nice airport and were happily wondering around Paris before noon on Saturday.
The Nice airport is quickly becoming a favorite

We took the RER in from Orly, and it was really very simple. We had planned to meet my friend Courtney, who was in town on break from the Peace Corp, under the Eiffel Tower because she had generously picked up our Air B&B keys for us earlier that day. 

There were people watching the French Open final on the Champs de Mars
 After a quick shower at our apartment, we headed over to Galway's on the Seine. I know it may sound ridiculous to go to an Irish Pub in Paris, but this was one of the places we would hang out when I studied abroad in Paris my Sophomore year of college. I have been thinking about the cheese burgers ever since I left four years ago.

A bar crawl in Pigalle capped off the night. We met up with my friend Courtney and some of her other PC friends and just hung out and had a good time. Not the most wild pub crawl I have been on (for that check out "Spanish Steps Pub Crawl" next time you are in Rome) But it was certainly a much needed night out.

Courtney and I
The next day we began bright an early with an essential breakfast at Laduree. Now, I don't like to insist on much, but I MUST insist that next time you are in Paris you go to Laduree. The one on the Champs Elysees (George V is the closest metro stop) and sit upstairs. Order the French Toast (La Pain Perdu). Breakfast is served until noon. 

I'd waited four years for this moment
Perfection on a plate
What a view, I do love toperaries
We couldn't resist

We began to walk down the Champs Elysees, which is really the best way to make sure you don't miss any of the major sites in the city.
First up, Arc de Triomphe
A little D-Day remembrance
Always worth a stroll, for the window shopping
Nicki enjoying the Grand Palais
Must remember to install the Petite Palais on my next estate

A Paris Classic
My favorite view in all of Paris, Place de la Concorde
Another Place, the Vendome one
By the time we reached the Tuileries we needed a rest
A garden fit for a queen, too bad she lost her head, too soon?
Then it was off to the Louvre, Notre Dame and the Latin Quarter.
The lovely Louvre
Love isn't real you silly people
I see Notre Dame!
Amazing work
Capturing the moment
 We stumbled across the weekly Tea Parties in the upstairs of Shakespeare and Co (they happen every Sunday) and enjoyed some refreshing lemonade and poetry.
Excuse me, is there food here?
 A few other girls traveling along were chatting in the book shop about what to read next and we all decided to head over to the Maires neighborhood for a drink. It was very delightful to meet some wonderful new ladies in Paris. 

A truly delightful evening

As we began to walk to the Tuileries, the best place to watch the Eiffel Tower sparkle, it began to lightning, which made the experience even more dramatic.  All in all a truly magical, if rather exhausting, day! 

Until next time!
Monday, we headed back to the airport on the OrlyBus (which I could not recommended more) it was only 7.50 euro and takes you door to door, it was much more relaxing than dealing with the RER and Metro. 

Paris is simple perfection, and we will be heading back very soon! Cheers.

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