Friday, August 15, 2014

Princesses of Monaco

After we had a relatively calm day in Antibes, the next day we planned something a little bit more exciting! 

The Monte Carlo stop in Monaco is about an hour train ride from Cannes, not far at all. And the place is seriously stunning.

We took a long hike up to the Grimaldi Palace, we never seem to be wearing the right shoes for these activities. Sandals were not the best choice.
Ladies in white

The Prince's Palace of Monaco (still the official residence)

The Palace's Courtyard
We went inside the palace to the museum where the state rooms are open to the public. However, pictures inside are forbidden. But the view from the courtyard more than made up for it.

Next Meg made her way to the other side of Monaco to go to Hotel de Paris and Julia and I stayed on the hillside to go to the Oceanographic Museum.  When paying to enter the Palace you can buy a combo ticket (around 20euros) for the Palace and Aquarium so Julia and I figured, why not?

Welcome to Monaco's Aquarium!

Julia was in love with the shark tank

Hole in the floor

If you look closely you can see the waves crashing on the side of the mountain.

Sea horseys

Can you see the fish buried under the pebbles?

Ugly thing ain't it?

The Octopus in the middle of dinner

Mirror pic

                      ^ Dori from Finding Nemo

Nemo, where are you?

Unfortunately, the Aquarium closed before we got a chance to go to the shark petting room.  We had read some information online that said the Aquarium was open until 9pm but it actually closed at 8. Which in Europe means everything starts closing down 30 minutes before...
Julia's a cute sailor

Julia took the camera from me, and for once I was the one being photographed...

Clearly I couldn't think of many poses...

Picture frame of Monaco

Monaco was spectacular! We had planned to go to the Casino as well but ran out of time. We didn't want to miss the last train back to Cannes and relive the Villefranche debacle all over again.  But don't worry, we got a chance to go back to Monaco and see the Casino, stay tuned for our night full of gambling blog post coming soon...

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