Thursday, November 20, 2014


Leaving our Cannes apartment was a bittersweet moment for us.  We were unsure what the future of our trip would bring, but we were also extremely excited for a new beginning. Our first adventure was hopping on a GIANT ferry heading to bluer waters surrounding various Mediterranean Islands. 

Next stop Corsica!

The ride was around 6 hours long which was unfortunate, we spent most of the time trying to find ways to entertain ourselves.

The comforts of home are now completely gone.  We have left our apartment and our backpacking phase has officially begun.  And my first thought was, What the hell am I carrying around in my luggage a dead body? It's so unnecessarily heavy it's stupid.  Note to girls who often over pack: I don't care what you think you do not need those extra outfits just in case, YOU WILL NOT WEAR THEM!

Meg enjoying the little amount of shade that was available.  

We were severely depressed to find the pool on the sun deck closed... What the heck do you have a pool for if it's not still going to be open in the beginning of September? It's still summer!

There wasn't much to do on the ferry, but we thoroughly enjoyed the oceanic scenery. 

And the sunset was unreal... so obviously I took a hundred pictures of it. 

The moon! 

We arrived late at night in the port town of Bastia. We went to the hotel and immediately passed out.

We had originally planned to stay just the night in Bastia, but when we woke up the next morning we were way too lazy to check out and look for somewhere else to go.  We stayed for one more night and explored the surprisingly beautiful town.  

The water looks so inviting doesn't it!  It looks so much cleaner than the water we swim in at home.

And of course, you're not a tourist unless you go into all the Churches in town...

with diamonds...

And I meant it when I said all the Churches

The port during the day was much prettier than it was the night before (when we were lost looking for our hotel, carrying our hundred pound backpacks and cursing up a storm).

I would love a colorful little sailboat.
So many kitty cats everywhere we go. 

We explored town a little bit faster than we thought we would, it's not very big. The beach wasn't in walking distance ugh, so instead we went into the Museum.

A little new mixed in with the old, we have come to find this is a very common theme in Europe.

window views

perfect impersonation

I left Meg trapped in jail and escaped so I could make it to our next destination on the Island. If you want to see more of our time in Bastia you can check out Meg's post here: A Day in Bastia  

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