Friday, November 21, 2014

Back To The Beach Peach

The next day we traveled from Bastia to a lovely spot called Porto Vecchio.

The town of Bastia is at the top of the Island and Porto Vecchio is towards the bottom. To get to Porto Vecchio we sat on a bus for a couple of short hours and arrived at the port before lunch.

We stayed near the port so we could explore every little bit the town had to offer. 

Fresh fruit?

Right on

The port was quite picturesque.
But the main attraction was all the way at the top of a giant hill. The real town of Porto Vecchio.  Europe is so hilly it's insane, by the end of this trip we will have buns of steel...

As beautiful as the town of Porto Vecchio is it's not very big.  We saw most everything the first afternoon we spent there.  Being the wonderful tourists that we are, we wanted to explore as much of the Island as we could.  We rented bikes, because you know we love cycling and being active. However, it was the most terrifying bike ride I have ever been on.  Think of a main highway road, old people yelling at us in French to get off the road, being very close to death while riding next to multiple 18 wheelers, and lastly getting pulled over by the police because we were illegally riding on the road.

The tamest part of the ride as seen on P&P's Instagram

It was slightly disastrous. But the end destination was all worth it.

Welcome to Santa Giulia Beach, the most magnificent beach on the Island. 
 The beach is small and the sand is tightly packed - not comfortable - but the water is crystal clear and super refreshing.

Meg enjoying the sea life swimming about. 
Paddle ball champs, I love watching a good match. 
Santa Giulia is definitely one of the prettiest beaches we have been to. I don't think these pictures captured the real beauty of it. I would highly recommend a visit if you ever get to the Island.

Travel TIP: do not go by bicycle! Rent a car or ATV or scooter or whatever. Anything other than a bicycle will do.  It was an adrenaline rush almost dying on our bikes, but I would never recommend it to anyone.

If you want to see more from our trip to Santa Giulia beach check out Meg's post here: The Magical Santa-Giulia Beach

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