Thursday, November 13, 2014

Au Revoir Cannes

Oh my god it's November isn't it, and we haven't posted once! We are bad bloggers :(

We have been doing a lot of traveling recently so we haven't had much down time to spend on the blog. But in honor of me going home soon and terribly missing summer I thought I would do one last post about summer in Cannes.
After Laura left me to go back home we only had about two weeks left in our Cannes apartment. So we spent our last few days roaming around the South of France.
I am the new guy...
I finally walked up to the castle that was literally 5 minutes away from our apartment all summer.

It has the best views of Cannes. 

It was a nice little break from a typical day of mine spent at the beach. But it was windy and the waves were out of control (see pics at beginning) so I didn't mind changing it up a little.

The next day we decided to see France from a perspective we hadn't seen yet. From a scooter! Having never driven one before they refused to give me a scooter. (Which at first I was all like whatever haters, but then when Meg gave me a turn I almost caused several fatal accidents. It was clearly the smartest decision that rental company ever made)

We took the scooters and headed to Hotel Du Cap, Meg had dreams about seeing it, but since we didn't have reservations we were not allowed in. Frown. 

Meg was not discouraged, we pulled over to a private beach right next to the hotel and Meg took off to see the hotel from the water.
I wished her good luck and enjoyed some of the last summer sun on the beach.

God I miss being this tan. I hate every season except summer.

Still hate taking selfies but what the hell...

Meg finally accomplished her goal of seeing the hotel, so we hopped back on the scooter and went the rest of the way to Antibes town. 
Driver Meg with our precious scooter.

Antibes is such a cute little town and has some beautiful beaches.  Definitely worth visiting, but then what in the South of France isn't worth visiting?
This is my official goodbye to Cannes. You were a great host for the summer. I hate to say this but I was definitely ready to leave. But I promise I will be back to visit you again someday! 

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