Friday, October 31, 2014

I Woke Up In A New Bugatti

Our photo shoot took a little more time than we planned for, so we had to run through town to make it to the changing of the guards ceremony.
Why are we always late for everything???

Thankfully we made it just in time! But of course, being the last minute people that we are, we were too late to see anything. 

Only through the lens of my camera held high above my head...
Nice parasol though.

Just casually taking a stroll through town, is that even allowed? 

After the ceremony Laura had to take some scenic pictures so I showed her some of the best spots.
You're cute kid but I'd like you to move, k thanks.
Seagulls love a nice head to stand on. 

I can never get over how gorgeous Monaco is, I mean it's stunning.

We moseyed around a bit and stumbled upon the Church which was actually open for once.

More relics... I've seen so many bones, teeth, clothes, really anything you can think of, that supposedly belonged to Saints and etc on this trip.  I feel so holy.

Did you know some yachts have hot tubs?
Cause we sure didn't.
I wonder what it feels like to be on one of those baby's.

Now I don't know if you know, but the car scene in Monaco is insane. I've never seen so many outrageously expensive cars in one place.

This guy

And the winner goes too... the Bugatti.
I'd never seen a Bugatti in person before, very impressive. 

The jewelry is also on point...

I believe this is a hotel.. Built on the water.. Made to look like a boat?

There is so much to see in Monaco. I thought I would be some what jaded after already having been there a couple times. But most of it was new for me too.

Babar the Elephant!

The day was a sunny adventure. Laura and I spent most of it Ohhhing and Ahhhing at all the extravagance and wondering how much everything cost. And crying because we will most likely never be able to afford anything like it. Clearly, we need to marry rich. 
Our ride was going back to Cannes at 5pm so we hopped back on the boat hoping for the same relaxing ride we had that morning.

James Bond?

Unfortunately, the sea had a different idea. 
After leaving the port of Monaco the winds picked up and the boat started a Rockin' and a Rollin'. After almost being thrown off the back of the boat we moved inside for safety.

Mothers and children were screaming and crying, the dads were laughing at them, and the crew was passing out barf bags...
Laura miming vomiting into her precious barf bag.
Which was funny until we actually felt like we were going to vomm everywhere.
I feel these pictures didn't really grasp the severity of the situation. But just know laura and I were holding on the each other for dear life. Just kidding (but not really...)
Besides the infamous robbing incident I had a fantastic time with Laura and was really sad to see her go. I'm getting better though, I only shed a couple of tears as her airport bus drove away and we said our last goodbyes. I miss you KID and I can't wait for our next international adventure together (next time we'll bring a chaperon to keep us in check). 

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