Wednesday, October 29, 2014

We On A Boat

So Laura and I were super depressed after we got robbed and needed something to take our minds off the incident. 
We hopped on a boat headed towards bluer waters, Monaco here we comeeeeee!

Obviously, I had been to Monaco before but I had never taken the boat there. And let me tell you I like the boat ride much better than the train. But the boat is around €50 and the train is much cheaper. It was a definite once in a lifetime experience. So just a warning there are about 1,000 landscape pictures of the French Riviera in this post. I just couldn't help it on such a beautiful day...

Madonna? We know you are in town!

The boat left Cannes port and headed first to Ile Sainte-Marguerite. Just a quick stop to pick up more passengers, but now Laura can say she has seen it! 

Leaving the Ile...

Attempting the selfie again. Our selfie game is not too strong... But at least we try! 

The boat tour actually had commentary, but it was hard to hear the guide over the speaker outside. 

Is that the White House?

Or is this the White House? 
Actually one of these houses was purposefully modeled after the White House...

I think the Riviera is much prettier from the ocean view, it's just so gorgeous.

I see Monaco!!!

The building built on the side of the hill is the aquarium, isn't that crazy! If you want to see inside the aquarium check out Julia and I's visit. 

I'd love to learn how to sail.

Finally we made it to the port and waved goodbye to the boat.
Total the ride took about an 1:30, we left around 10am and made it to Monaco just in time for the changing of the Guards which happens at 11:55. 

But obviously, we had to take a few snap shots with the scenery first.

Another selfie fail.
Eh this one's not horrible...

After we were done with our lovely photo shoot we had to race through town to the Palace so we could see the ceremony. But that's enough for today, part 2 coming soon! 

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