Monday, October 13, 2014

A Day in Bastia

The tiny town of Basia, Corsica has a lot of charm and breathtaking views. 

Nicki loves it when I take her picture
Our first stop in Corsica, Bastia is the main hub for ferries to and from the island. Bastia itself is delightful and easy to navigate. 

We went for a stroll around the old town and ended up in the gardens of the Citadel. A quick walk around is all you need, and a lovely staircase will bring you right down into the old port. 

Welcome to the old port, exactly the place you want to grab an ice cream cone and wander around oou-ing and aah-ing at the cute ships and giant yachts. 

If I had a boat, I would like it to be pink!
Cute little streets
There are several large churches on the island. This one is St. John the Baptist. Very lovely, nautical themed, the usual. 

We went on a hunt for the Church of Sainte Croix and were treated to the most amazing views along the way. 

A lot of blue going on in this picture
I was dying to get in the water!!
Sainte Croix is a tiny church down a little street, the outside is yellow, don't blink or you will miss it. 

We missed it the first time

The inside is stunning with white gold and blue dominating the walls and ceiling. Legend has it that the wooden Jesus that is now in the church was found floating in the sea by fishermen in 1428. 

Our last stop in town was the Musee de Bastia. Their collection included dungeons, paintings of the early town and even some old furniture. 

Bail us out?
Nicki get out of there
There was a modern art exhibit going on and Nicki, the art enthusiast that she is, explained what was going on to a novice like me.

Still not really sure what it was all about
Make sure you don't leave before visiting the rooftop gardens, they are spectacular. You can see the whole town from up there!

Bastia is the perfect town if you just want to lounge around and not feel the pressures of being a tourist, there just isn't that much to see. Kicking your feet up at a cafe and enjoying the view is exactly what this town is all about.


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