Thursday, October 16, 2014

Under da Sea

Nicki and I signed up to go snorkeling! 

We are always up for any water sports and after our bike ride to Santa Giulia we were happy to leave the road and hit the sea. 

Very Serious Stuff
A short sleeve wet suite?
There are a lot of mini islands off of Corsica and they are all part of the national park. We swam around the little islands looking at the fish and generally enjoying ourselves. The boat ride out to and back from the dive sight was fantastic and it was only 25 euro for three hours.

Before dinner we decided to do a little shopping! Corsica is very proud of their wine/cheese/sausage products so we had to give it a try! 

The wine was great and very well priced, review to follow
Bags of nuts, per usual
Cheese Cheese Cheese
Looking questionable
I was mainly interested in this "cave" of wine (vin is wine in French) but alas, no cave was found. Vin was found per usual. 

This was our last night in France for a while, so we had to send ourselves off in style. Dinner had to be...

Crepes, bien sur!! I had butter and lemon, Nicki went with butter and sugar. Can't beat a classic!

As sad as it was to leave France after all this time, Italy, round deux, is an adventure for sure! And we begin that adventure in Sardinia. We are on the hunt for Zac Efron, or maybe Rihanna, who knows. 

Merci France

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