Saturday, September 6, 2014

Patching In

I feel like we spend enough time on bikes that we should start a gang. Name suggestions are welcome. 

We took a scenic ride through the countryside along the canal to Dammn.The bike paths in Bruges are lovely, and it gives you a chance to see the windmills.

Very Don Quixote
A ruin!
Nicki capturing a moment
How quaint
A wildlife!
As we were casually biking along we came across an old Abbey. And we went exploring! 

In case you were wondering, yes the red door is unlocked. And of course there was more wildlife just laying around. One must always remember to not frighten the wildlife, lest it attack. 

Look! Wildlife.
Dammn was very cute and even had a little market going on in front of the town hall. I would not recommend going there for lunch/brunch, the restaurants were outrageously priced. We didn't have time for that, we had a tour to get back to! 

Bruges has free guided tours, and we are all about that! Our lovely tour guide was kind enough to take our photo on this scenic little bridge.

A lovely gilded bridge
I tried to have one shipped to my house, it didn't work out.

According to our tour guide the waffle truck has the best waffles in Bruges, he sits right by the town hall. Clearly, we weren't going to just take her word for it...

After a taste test, turns out, she was right! 

We then headed down De Garre to try the strongest beer in Belgium, it's so strong they cut you off after three. Bonus it comes with cheese!

It seemed like the best plan for Nicki and I to share
 Isn't this street just the cutest!! 

It's just two blocks off the main square, so it's well worth your top to stop by, but don't blink or you'll miss it.  

To continue the beer tour of Bruges we went to the bar at our hostel. St. Christopher's was an absolute dream, next time you're in Bruges stay there, but only if you are under 28, if not, don't. 

According to our bartender, who looked like a wonderfully wild pirate this beer is "the best" and it even won an award to that effect. It tasted like beer to me, but hey, what do I know, we write wine reviews. 

Out last morning in Bruges we went to the Basilica of the Holy Blood. They claim to have a vile of the blood of Jesus Christ. And you can look at it, for FREE. I'm Catholic, so I thought it was very cool, and even if you're not it might be a cool experience.

Bruges is unlike any city I have ever been to. If you're taking a EuroTrip soon, add it to your list!


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