Monday, September 8, 2014

Cigar and a Waffle

Welcome to Bruges!

The first thing we did In Bruges was go to the French fry Museum. And my recommendation = don't do it. I love a good french fry but the museum was utterly boring, it wasn't expensive but I still say save your money and time for something else. Unless you are interested in the history of the potato then you might enjoy it.

Walking around the center was much more exciting for me.

Salvador Dali exhibit next to the bell tower. Too expensive to actually go though :(

We stopped for a quick snack. The whipped cream was so delicious I had to get it on my Belgian waffle as well. The best whipped cream i've ever had, besides my homemade whip cream of course.

After our snack we went to the Historium which made up a story of what Medieval Belgium and the day of the Flemish painter Jan Van Eyck might be like. It was silly but nothing I would recommend or do again.

The views off the Historium balcony were the saving grace.

And the bar wasn't too bad either. They have some fruity flavored beers, my favorite was the cherry, not too sour or too sweet. Perfect for someone who doesn't like Beer.

Bruges is a gorgeous place but there wasn't a great deal of things to do, so stay tuned for our quick day trip to Damme. I believe Meg has already posted about this but Im a little behind, the life of a backpacker is quite hectick and finding good wifi is not so easy. Next time I come to Europe I am going to buy one of those portable wifi hotspot things so I can have it wherever I go!

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