Monday, September 8, 2014

Prague Market

The flea market in Prague is at the top of its game.

Because we were here in the summer most of the goods were fruits, veggies, meats and cheese but that is perfectly alright with us! 

See when its happening next!
The red fruits are what impressed me most! There strawberries and cherries in particular.

Just look at them!!
There were several artisan stands selling wonderful looking breads and treats. 

Like most things in Prague the prices were unbeatable. But really lets just bask in the glory of these cherries for a bit.

So red and shiny!
The cheese game in Prague is a little different from the rest of Europe that we have visited so far. They opt for the stronger harder cheese, but a wheel was still in order. 

I love the idea of blending my own spices
One thing Prague does particularly well are sausages and cured meats. They  provide quality and flavor by using the traditional methods, that may take longer but produce a great product!

The market takes place in Tyl Square about once a month. You can find a full list of the dates here. Happy hunting. 


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