Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tariquet- White

A dinner in Paris simply is not a dinner without a great wine, lucky for us, there is the Tariquet Classic.

It is still a family owned and operated winery in the south-west of France. 
With its soft and refreshing flavor this wine was perfect to complement our appetizers. 

Hello little friend
Here we go!
Maggie is so excited
Nicki can't wait
It was the first time Nicki and Maggie have had escargot so it's always good to have a strong wine on hand to fortify the nerves and rinse everything down! 

Though escargot is delicious your mind can sometimes get the better of you! 

But back to the wine- 

There were hints of sweet summer apples and soft pears. It was crisp and wonderful! 

The bottle was around 20 euro and worth every penny! 

And of course, there was bread!


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