Sunday, August 10, 2014

When in Rome...

I don't know what it is about Italy, but I always seem to have the best time when I am there.  (Minus that one time I had to spend my fifteenth birthday in the Milano Airport, thanks to Alitalia... Even though that was around 10years ago I think my entire family is still pissed about that incident) But Italians are so friendly and generous (much nicer than the French), I just love them.

                                                  View from our Airbnb apartment

Verona was a godsend. We finally got a break from the hostel world and stayed in an Airbnb apartment. I love Airbnb, I honestly wish we could do it everywhere. But then we wouldn't meet the great people you occasionally meet in a hostel... Plus it's usually more expensive than a hostel, but in Verona they had about one hostel and it was around the same price so we figured why not?! Plus the apartment came with bicycles! We are all about the free transportation, walking everywhere slash taking the bus is totally overrated. 

Letters to Juliet, sadly they no longer let you put letters in the wall. 

Luckily we were in Verona long enough (about 3 or 4 days) to spend a day by Lake Garda. We took a bus from Verona to a little town called Sirmione. The bus was about an hour and was around 3euro each way.

Panorama curteousy of my iphone, I haven't quite mastered my camera's panorama setting yet. 

                                                                  Anyone up for a swim?

Our boat captain (more on this in a bit) told us you can eat this fruit whole, the peel and everything. He said it's not exactly a lemon, but it sure looks like one to me... 

It's such a beautiful place! After a few hours we got tired of walking around so we decided to take a tour of the city by boat. Meg and I are both water lovers, we love the ocean, sea, pool, you name it... So we were in Lake Garda heaven.

See that bridge in the background? Yeah, the boat had to pass under that. Everyone, including the captain, had to crouch down on the boat floor so we wouldn't hit our heads. 

Jack Johnson was on the stereo when the captain slash tour guide wasn't talking, it was seriously amazing... 

The boat ride cost around 10euro and lasted about 30minutes, and it was totally worth it. 

If you ever have the chance to go to Lake Garda please do, it was probably my favorite travel experience on our trip thus far. Even on a slightly cloudy slash rainy day it was gorgeous. 

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