Monday, August 11, 2014

Ciao Ciao Italy

For our last few days of the trip we went to Genoa. Genova, as the Italians call it, was more of just a stop over for us on the way back to France.

 There was not a whole lot to do here but we still had a fantastic time.

 The afternoon we got there we met a few people in our hostel who were going on a day trip to Portofino the next day. So obviously we invited ourselves along. When you take the train you have to get off at Santa Margherita and take a bus the rest of the way to Portofino. Meg decided she was going to walk there. And I decided I would go with the other girls from the hostel and take the bus. Someone handed me an unused bus ticket, so luckily I didn't have to pay! Italians are so generous. Out of every country we have been to they are the nicest group of people by far. Unless you go into a church wearing shorts or a tank-top... They are not so fond of how little clothing we travelers wear. Anyways back to Portofino. I think it is one of the prettiest places I have ever been too, if not the prettiest. 

We ended up only spending a couple  of hours in Portofino because it started to rain. But we cheered ourselves up with a lovely pasta dinner and some gelato of course! 

The next day in Genoa was also rainy...

 Can you tell it's pouring? 

So we went and had a coffee down the street from our hostel and waited for the Palace Museum to open next door. It was a Sunday so it didn't open until 1:30pm. 


Hello again

I think he is missing something...

 Hall of mirrors 

Is it still raining? Yes, yes it is...

Wave to the camera Shelly!

Chandelier heaven... 

We spent the rest of the afternoon there and then went out for another pasta dinner. I mean it's Italy, it's impossible not to consume tons of pasta. We were going to go to bed early but I think we really only slept for an hour or two. I was too excited to sleep. We had to get up at the crack of dawn to catch an early train so I could make it to the Nice airport by 11am.

 I was picking up my best friend from home who was coming to stay with us in Cannes for a few weeks and I could not wait. Did I mention I was excited!!! 

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