Saturday, August 9, 2014

Bastille day the French way

The fourth of July is always one of my favorite days in the summer; cookouts, cold beer, good friends and of course fireworks. Since we weren't in the States for it this summer all my enthusiasm was transferred to Bastille day, Cannes did not disappoint.

Julia met the manager of the Radisson Blu a few nights before and he invited us to come watch the fireworks from the hotels rooftop bar. Clearly this was not an opportunity to be passed up! 

HI Cannes
I can see the sea
So many boats
All dolled up!
The fireworks were due to start at ten and we were ready and waiting, in a rather good spot! 

Pure Joy

A little elevator photo shoot
There was also a concert on the Croisette
A little 90's flavor

The silver dress was on point!

Happy Bastille day France! 


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