Saturday, July 5, 2014

Vermentino - White

Genoa is such an unassuming city with a surprisingly unique food scene. We went some friends to a co-op for happy hour and enjoyed the wonderful refreshing white wine.

One of our friends, who has spent time in the region crewing a yacht, picked the wine. It was a local white and delightfully crisp.  

To our endless joy we learned that in Italy when you order a drink at happy hour it is accompanied with a plate piled high with snacks.
So, as far as we were concerned, dinner was served.

The tomatoes were especially sweet
This wine was dry and crisp, one of my favorite combinations. It was pleasantly soft for a white, none of that too sweet aftertaste, and it is always nice to try something local. We passed several vineyards on the train ride in, and I am happy to report they are turning out a great product.

The wine is from Poggio Dei Gorleri (Northern Italy) and is a Vermentino. It was 20 euro for a bottle. With its refreshing taste and easy price a bottle would make the perfect hostess gift for your upcoming backyard summer BBQs. 

Wine info- Poggio Dei Gorler, 20 euro

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