Sunday, July 6, 2014

Interlaken, double the Laken

My hidden motive for wanting to go to Interlaken was to skydive. 


This I, of course, kept to myself in case I chickened out, which I almost did. 

Clear Sky
Getting Ready
Doesn't everyone wear Cashmere skydiving?
I look like I'm going to cry
Suit Up!
Ready Ready Ready
We have Liftoff
Only one way down!
Hi Mom! Sorry Dad!
I'm Alive!
But in the end I am so glad I went skydiving, it has been a highlight of my trip. I can not wait to go again very soon! Thanks to my (more intelligent) travel companion Nicki for all the wonderful pictures.

Safe and Sound
Even thought we are not the typical "outdoorsy" types we were not going to leave Interlaken without going on a hike. 

Ohh a Map
The Water is SO Blue
The Hike Begins
What a view
I spy Water
Ahh, Nature
Yay, the outside
Jesus take the Wheel
Top of the Town
We made it
Hi Nicki!
So outdoors
Wonder woman!
There is the hill!

We really did have a blast in Interlaken! It was a bit out of our wheel house but traveling is all about trying new things. But how sore I was after that hike is no joke.

So some quick tips for Interlaken- 
1. Go for at least four days so you have plenty of time for extreme adventures, some depend on the weather.
2. Stay at the Balmer's Tents
3. Go for a hike, it is worth it
4. Spend a lot of time outside
5. Do not worry about how much things cost, it's once in a lifetime
6. Bring warm clothes, it is cold! 

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