Friday, July 4, 2014

Interlaken, extra Laken

We spent four days in Interlaken, Switzerland. And what a whirlwind four days they were!

We stayed in Balmer's Tent Villages and I could not recommend them more. Staying in a tent was so fitting for the atmosphere in Interlaken. Though, to be honest, we were a bit skeptical when we arrived.
Talk about a view!
But, I am getting ahead of myself. 

The adventure that was getting to Interlaken deserves to be shared. Like the good travelers we are, we got out train tickets the night before because we were going to have to take the 6am train to make our flight. Well, it turns out that the French train workers were striking, so no trains. We took the bus to the Nice airport at 11pm the night before our flight and "slept" in the airport.  

So naturally we brought Champagne
We flew into the Geneva airport and took the train to Interlaken. I would recommend staying in Interlaken for at least three to four days, because it does take a while to get there.   

Walking up the steps to a plane always feels chic

Window Seat!

Lake Geneva

Once we arrived in Interlaken it was a chance for us to let our our inner Xena Warrior Princess and try out some extreme sports. 

First up was canyoning. 

Sun? Are you there?
Getting ready hair-flip!
It's ok, we are professionals
Hey guys!
Canyoning was amazing, but very cold! We all had code names, I was Electra. You begin by repelling down 150 feet into a canyon and then jump from rocks into pool of water until you make it to the bottom. Hence the lack of pictures. 
But I assure you, it was cool, and we were cool doing it. 
After a day freezing in the water there was not much more we wanted to do other than celebrate happy hour. 

One of the great thing about Balmers is that they have bikes and scooters you can borrow, which seemed like a great way to get to happy hour!

I assure you no one crashed.
Beer and pomme frites
But a trip to Switzerland would not be compete without chocolate! We walked around downtown Interlaken and it is so quaint and the flowers, particularly the roses, were spectacular. 

Paragliders landing in the middle of town!

Found it!

Something for everyone
The lucky one!
It just keeps getting better!


The flowers were enjoying the cold nights as much as we were. 

Such a treat!

Keep an eye out for Part Deux: Skydiving and Harder Kulm


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