Monday, July 28, 2014

Kingdom of Bohemia

By now everyone reading this blog probably knows we went to Prague after Switzerland. Well that was almost a month ago (seriously a month? I feel like I've only been in Europe for a couple of weeks. Our time feels like it is already flying by way too quickly...) Meg has been writing her posts for each place much more regularly than I have so I am going to try to catch up to her fast pace! My best friend from home came to visit us for a few weeks, but unfortunately, yesterday morning she left to go back to America, sob. (I can't lie, I cried a little when I left her at airport security...) Now that she is gone I thought I would have a little more time to spend on the blog, but I am actually writing this while sitting on the train to Paris. Oh Paris... But that's way off topic! So Prague, it was just lovely! Mostly because they aren't on the Euro and everything is much cheaper than in the rest of Europe, and bonus we got to stay in an apartment for free. As in Interlaken, Prague was a little bit colder than I was expecting, so please ignore the fact that I keep wearing the same outfit (north face/jeans, it was the only full length clothing I brought with me.)

Now for the most important part, pictures! 

Sorry for the outrageously long post (I've come to realize I have an addiction, I take way too many pictures. I just can't control myself!) On our next adventures I'm going to try to write more frequently so I don't keep having to go through a hundred pictures at a time and have to include them all in just one post. The pictures are not in order or captioned so if you have  any questions about something feel free to shoot me a comment! 

BONUS: A few pics I thought my mother would enjoy...

Jenny potty

Sometimes I eat vegetables...

And Rose style Champagne flutes. 

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