Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Il Tosco- Red

A hearty red from the Tuscan region of Italy this wine welcomed us to romantic Verona. Because really, who goes to the grocery store in Italy and doesn't come home with wine. 

Hmm so artistic
The anticipation builds
The bottle opener is on the scene
Yumm cheese
The wine itself was a very deep ruby red. I would say it's more of an after dinner wine. It had a very earthy/brick/clay smell and a warm strong taste. Great for a rainy day inside with a book (post 5 p.m. of course) We sipped it with a Gorgonzola gnocchi for dinner and thoroughly enjoyed. 

It was 4 euro, so a splurge, and a great find. 

Wine info- Il Tosco, Rosso-Toscana, 4 euro

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