Thursday, July 31, 2014

Galavanting around Lake Garda

The alliteration continue. (You're welcome) The lake district of Italy has been on my list since I spent a week hiding in George Clooney's basement, it's all the man ever talks about. Lake Garda is without a doubt SPECTACULAR.

We went to the lakeside town of Sirmione for the day and it was like stepping onto a Disney movie set.

Peaches for lunch

A little bird
Flower bushes

A picture of my brother Paul
A tiny pink shop
A pink tree, naturally

Fuzzy baby swans
The castle

It's important to keep ones sword fighting skills sharp
Hello again from the drawbridge
Piles of ice cream
And more piles
My spirit guide
Just amazing

Our trusty vessel for the afternoon
Here it comes
Off we go!

Out to sea

We didn't have any plans for the day. We wandered around town, has some snacks, did a bit of window shopping and went for a boat ride. I would absolutely recommend a boat ride, the driver took us all around the peninsula giving us the history and it was only 10 euro each, plus boats are always cool. 

Lake Garda has several little towns around it you can visit, we picked Sirmione for it's proximity to Verona, about an hour on the bus (LN026). It was a perfect day trip, easy, fun and inexpensive. And if Maria Callas had a villa here, you know it's worth a visit.


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