Friday, December 5, 2014

Voyage Over An Emerald Sea

Welcome to the prettiest ferry ride in existence. 

After spending about a week in Corsica we were ready to move to a new location. Another Island perhaps? As I waved goodbye to France forever (or at least for the rest of this trip), I looked to the future. And where you may ask was my future taking me? To Italy of course! Ahhh how I love Italy...
Leaving Corsica was actually super easy.  We took a small bus - read minivan - from Porto Vecchio to the Port of Bonifacio that lasted about 30 minutes. Had we known how beautiful this place was we would have definitely planned to spend more time here.

I mean, have you ever seen anything like this before???

It was so gorgeous 

I see LAND!

Stay tuned for posts of our time on the actual Island of Sardinia. It was just such a pretty ride I couldn't help posting all of these pictures! If you want to see more ferry pics check out Meg's post at: Ferry Boats, Ferry Boats!

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