Friday, December 12, 2014

Beach Bungalow Bliss

Our gorgeous ferry ride brought us to our first stop on Sardinia, or Sardegna as the Italians say. Camping at La Liccia.

Now I am not a camper. I used to do it as a girl scout and never really enjoyed it.  It always seemed to be freezing, raining and terribly uncomfortable.  However, we rented a bungalow (we are not the type of people who choose to sleep in a tent) so we had high hopes for more of a glamping experience.

Welcome to our Bungalow!
Meg and I are not usually super outdoorsy people, besides the beach we tend to lean more towards the city life. So we continually seem to be surprising ourselves by doing all these outdoorsy type activities.
We of course enjoyed the child's play area, but if I had a child I would not let them near the area. It was a bit shabby.

And a little creepy looking.

But the scenery was just stunning.  
This is the kind of outdoors I like to be surrounded by.

By the time we had settled into our Bungalow we realized we were starving.  
Luckily, being that we were in Italia, there was a pizzeria not too far. About a one minute walk from our bungalow!

We waited anxiously for the the Ristorante to open for lunch at 12:30 pm.  We were salivating, too excited for that first slice of Italian pizza! But were severely disappointed when the waiter informed us they do not serve pizza for lunch, only dinner. WTF.  We shed a tear for our disappearing pizza dreams, and hatched a plan to come back for dinner that night. They will not deprive us of our pizza forever!
I had the Melon and prosciutto "starter" for lunch (I think they used an entire Melon for this artistic dish) and Meg had the next best thing to pizza, Italian pasta.  We waddled back to our bungalow stuffed and found a new friend waiting for us.
Cats are roaming around all over Italy, anywhere and everywhere. You will find cats.  Italians just love them I guess. 
Meg went to take her afternoon nap and I being fully caffeinated, decided to explore the camp grounds a bit more. First things first, our bungalow.

Shhhh Meg's fast asleep.
I sprang for sheets which we cheaper for a single bed (7euro) so I was stuck in what I assume is the kids room.
Kitchen and Bathroom, the bungalow is not very big and there was no working air conditioning, but all in all it was a much more comfortable space than I was expecting.  Now off to the explore the grounds! 
I didn't get very far before I found exactly what I was looking for, the pool. I had been desperately missing my pool back home, so I was super excited to see this.  And lets just get a close up of that sign shall we... too funny.
Now the camping village isn't anything to pretty in itself. But the pool area is the shinning star. 
And since it had just reopened after the siesta break I was the first one there and had it all to myself! 
So relaxing...

After the most peaceful afternoon by the poolside, Meg and I continued to wander around the grounds.  

The sunset, like most sunsets, was just spectacular.  

We couldn't get enough.

Meg the daredevil

And the moon was pretty spectacular too...
I took these pictures in the dark of night, but for some reason my camera made it look like daytime.

It's so bright it almost looks like the sun

Good night moon 
Spending the previous day at the pool we decided the next day would be a beach day.  

The Beach was about a ten minute walk from the camp grounds.

And slightly treacherous 
But Oh My God the beach!
It seems like every beach we go to is more beautiful than the last. I just can't get over it, it is everything to me! 
Looking back at these pictures is giving me a serious case of seasonal depression.  It's not even really winter yet and already I cannot wait for it to be summer again. 

I would really love to go for a swim right about now.

The different shades of water are mesmerizing 

I miss being that tan

Goodbye Santa Teresa Gallura!

Stay tuned, tomorrow we leave our bungalow, hop on a bus and travel to the opposite side of the Island! If you want to read more about our time at La Liccia you can check out Meg's posts here: Camping? and Snacktime at the Campground

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