Thursday, March 26, 2015

Arrivederci Cinque Terre

Our last day in Cinque Terre has arrived. Tear.
And of course it was a GORGEOUS day, making it especially hard to even contemplate leaving. 

I seriously cannot believe the color of the water. I am so mesmerized by it. 

For the last day we retired our hiking gear and decided to explore the last town of Cinque Terre as regular, lazy tourists.
Here we go Monterosso al Mare.

Bottling Limoncello are we? Would you like to share??

There were several little churches in this town. 

Great, more stairs...

Every turn we make we seem to find more stairs for us to climb.

View of Monterosso from above.

I would like to go back to this water right now! 

There wasn't much more to see so we went back to Levanto and got the last bit of sun in we could before the it set.

Levanto may not technically be part of the Cinque Terre but it is honestly just as beautiful as the other 5 towns. 

I miss being that tan.  Summer cannot come soon enough. 

Green lima bean 

Goodbye beautiful water. Everyday I miss you a little bit more. 

Ciao Cinque Terre, you have changed my outlook of the world forever. 
Now, I wonder what country we will go to next?? 

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