Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Lunch Under the Tuscan Sun

Picking back up right where we left off on Friday... 
After our horseback ride and Medieval town tour we were utterly famished! Thank god the next stop on the tour was lunch. 
Welcome to the Tenuta Torciano Winery in San Gimignano, Italy.

And their pet geese...

Looking for scraps of food I presume. 

While the geese continued to frolic around we sat down to lunch. 
Cheers to the most important part of this lunch, the wine.  
We were given a plate of appetizers to enjoys while they explained to us how we have been holding our wine glasses wrong for our entire lives.  Italians are very particular about their wine!

I usually am not the biggest fan of red wine, but I have to admit I like almost all of the reds I tried at lunch. 

Meg prefers Red over white, so she was in Red Wine Heaven.

The starting line-up. 

The first corse they served was a kind of stew, made with beans, day old bread and their shinning star, White Truffle Olive Oil. The best olive oil I have ever tasted in my life.
The winery is family owned and our guide was the son.  I cant remember his name oops... But I'm almost positive it was something like Massimo or Luigi or something else really Italian.  
The girls loved him because he called us all princess and he was very friendly, right Meg...
Now back to the food, this was his momma's lasagna. The most decadent lasagna I have ever tasted. And to make it even better, they drenched it in their precious truffle olive oil.
Could this be anymore rich and creamy... I don't think so. 
Meg and I hadn't had a good home cooked meal in awhile so we were literally salivating over everything.
Why on earth would you not finish your wine?! Everyone else at our table asked for refills for almost every glass.  Call us gluttons or moochers, whatever. If you were there you would have done the same thing.
Meg enjoying another full glass of gorgeous Red. 

Now for the next super star in the line-up the balsamic vinegar, aged for 30 years and as sweet as sugar.

The last wine in the line-up was the dessert wine.

Towards the end we all had trouble keeping up with the wine.  I think they were trying to get us drunk so we would buy more of their products... And it worked....

They gave us biscotti to enjoy with the dessert.  Unfortunately, it didn't help much.  The dessert wine was everybody's least favorite of the bunch. Way too sweet.
Meg had moved on from the wine and set her sights on something else. 
I don't think she would admit it but she is definitely a baby lover.

I enjoyed the lunch so much I sent my parents a care package.  It wasn't cheap but it was totally worth it.  A bottle of the Truffle Oil, Balsamic Vinegar and my favorite bottle of Red.  

Bye geese! Thank you for your hospitality. 
Thoroughly sedated, we got back in the car and headed back into the city of Florence. 

But first, we had to stop for gas... And yes Meg and I both sat in the front seat.  So cosy in the European Mercedes minivan.
We thought the tour was over, but there was one last stop we had to make.  
The Church of San Miniato al Monte.
There happened to be a couple taking wedding pictures. How Romantic. 

It is one of the oldest churches in Florence. 
Cemetery included.
And has some of the prettiest views of the city of Florence. 

Seriously, are these not the most gorgeous views of the city?
You can even see the Duomo di Firenze.
Inside is quite a treat and luckily it is free to enter.  

After admiring the church we admired the wedding party who were still taking pictures... 

And lastly to top it all off.  Opening a bottle of wine with a sword.  

You can check out the video on P&P's instagram 

We finished the tour with one last glass of wine.

And headed back into the city.
We took a few minutes to relax and then decided we had too much energy to just sit around at the hostel. So we took a leisurely walk around the city. 

Totally worth it. 

Good Night Florence. 
But first we cant forget dinner. 
We were so stuffed that all we could bare for dinner was some gelato. 
And it sure was delicious. 
We slowly rolled back to the hostel full to the brim. 
The bell tower chimed and it was officially time for bed. 
Good night moon, good night Florence. 

And a big thanks to Fun in Tuscany for such a wonderful fun-filled day. I will remember it fondly forever!

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