Friday, November 28, 2014

Giving Thanks

Taking a quick break from the travel blogging to do a quick holiday post. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! 

I came home from Europe a little early especially for this holiday. I love Thanksgiving, especially all the baking. This year I was in charge of several things including the infamous apple pie, which turned out fantastically if I do say so myself.

Artsy apples

Taking a break from cooking to torture the dog
Gingy is such a cutie
Now back to the kitchen. 
Rosalie and I getting a good arm workout workin on those mashed potatoes. 

Not my best batch but they still tasted delicious. 

First picture with my new iPhone! I have officially rejoined society. 
Mirror pics 
Sisters all home for Thanksgiving for the first time in three years. 

Family pictures, which mother was of course not ready for. 

Oh father... 

Being domestic
While enjoying my champagne 
Making cooking fun since forever. 

Don't look so happy Rosalie
Duck face smooches 
Nagyi is so happy :) 
Candid camera

More Champagne please...
Finally ready for dinner! 
Wait where's the food? 

I'm so thankful for this plate of food. 

Cute faces all around. 

And finally dessert, I mean who doesn't love pie. From left to right: my chocolate pecan pie, my apple pie, dark chocolate chestnut cake, and traditional pumpkin pie. And my homemade whip cream (not pictured) I don't think we have enough to go around the table...  After dessert we could barely move, digesting is hard work. 

Ending the holiday with a giant piece of apple pie for breakfast and some Black Friday -online- shopping. Just perfect.

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