Thursday, January 29, 2015

In the Heart of Florence

We had one more day left in Florence so we attempted to avoid the rain and explore the city as best we could!

Il Duomo di Firenze

After walking around the Duomo and going to Mass in the Baptistry we made our way over to the Palazzo Pitti also known as Pitti Palace.

I chose the cheaper ticket option which included entrance into the Costume Gallery, the Porcelain Museum, the Museo Degli Argenti (the Medici Treasury) and the Boboli and Bardini Gardens.  Meg chose a pricier ticket so she could explore the inside of the Palace a little bit more.

We started our tour off together in the Costume Gallery. 

The collection was comprised of thousands of items that included costumes dating from the 16th - 20th centuries, theatre costumes and accessories. 

There were even Vintage Wedding Dresses which were gorgeous.  

As well as a reconstruction of some clothes originally belonging to Medici family members. 

What girl doesn't fantasize about vintage Chanel boots...

We left the Costume Gallery to get some fresh air and meander around the gardens a bit.

Thankfully, the clouds started to drift away and it turned into a beautiful day.  My rain boots and rain jacket made sure of that... 

Meg looking quite pensive. 
But that didn't last for too long...
She's a master imitator.

Wide open spaces 

Meg, the tour guide. 

For some reason these trees remind me of something from the Lion King. 

Meg and I quickly went through the Treasury because, surprise surprise, it was mostly bones/skeletons with some gold and diamonds thrown in here and there. 

Hello in there 

At this point Meg went on to see the inside of the Palace and I went back outside to explore the never-ending gardens a bit more.

I walked up to the very tippy top, while breaking into an enormous sweat.

And finally found the Porcelain Museum.  

The placement of this particular Museum didn't really make much sense to me, seemed a bit random. But it was worth it just for the walk and the views at the very top.

I finally left the gardens after several hours and at some point wandered back to the hostel.

Later Meg and I went for an evening stroll enjoying our last night in the city of Florence. 

Goodbye and Farewell Firenze. 
I definitely plan to be back one day... 
Someday soon hopefully. 

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