Tuesday, January 13, 2015


A horseback riding wine tour of Tuscany, how romantic! 

This is my horse -The Spawn of Satan

If you are like most people the idea of a horseback ride through the rolling hills of Tuscany sounds about as romantic as it can get. 

The wonderful views- 

The romantic walks-

The famous vineyards- 

And wild horses, what could go wrong? 

Well, Annie Oakley here is the thing- unless you and your significant other are professional horse riders, and I mean PROFESSIONAL as in you are on horseback for a living, you might want to just do the wine tour.

It seems to slip peoples minds that it takes a vast amount of skill to climb on to the back of a wild animal and then control it. And in Italy this is solo work.

Let me paint a picture of our tour guide for you, he was bareback, smoking a cigarette, and when my horse was cantering off into the fields and I was yelling for help he casually told me to pull on the reigns as he took another drag and didn't make a move to help.  

As Nicki mentioned, I was banished to the back of the group because Satan kept kicking and biting all of his fellow heathens friends.

It was one of the most memorable and amazing experiences of my life. I would absolutely suggest that you sign up, hope you get the normal horse, and prepare to laugh yourself silly at the misfortune of some other poor soul with the crazy horse in the bunch. Bonus, after that's over you get to go get wasted try some great wines.

We went with Fun in Tuscany, go with them, they are great. 


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