Saturday, January 3, 2015

At the Beach Tanning

It's our first post for the New Year!!! The holidays have been extremely busy for us and it clearly took a toll on the blog. But we are picking up right where we left off, back on the island of Sardinia!

We took a bus from our campsite to the main bus depot, waited around for what seemed like forever. Got on a bus going to the port of Olbia on the opposite side of the island. And then one last bus which dropped us off in the town of Golfo Aranci.

When we got there it was semi cloudy unfortunately making it not the greatest beach day.  Tired of sitting on numerous buses for the first half of our day we decided to take a leisurely stroll around town.

Luckily, you're never too far from a Gelateria in Italy. 

"A day without a smile is a lost day." I couldn't agree more.

Christmas town in September? How festive.

The water is crystal clear, of course. I'm really not looking forward to going back to the beach at home with its dirty murky water. It's going to be a serious downgrade.

La Lampara, our cute 10 bedroom hotel was extremely quaint. It seems like quite a romantic place for couples to stay...

We stopped for a late "lunch". 
Which meant Bloody Mary's, Beer and Pommes Frites, obvioulsy. 

The next day Meg wasn't feeling well, sad face. So I spent the day alone doing my favorite thing. Getting a sweet sun tan on a gorgeous Italian Beach.

It was swelteringly hot out, but the water was super chilly. So I just did a few polar bear plunges, dunking and running back to my blanket.

And by blanket I mean palazzo pants^ because as a "backpacker" I don't have room for a blanket, or a towel for that matter.

Please sir, may I have a ride in your tiny sailboat? 
It got to be a little too hot for me after a couple of hours baking in the sun, so I walked around town looking for some excitement.

New mangy best friend
Not only is the beach fantastic but the whole landscape of the Island is pretty wonderful. 

^ Someones decorative backyard, don't mind me...

stupid shadow

I wish I could wake up to this everyday.

It's too damn hot!

Looking back at these pictures is giving me serious seasonal depression.  Where are you sun? Me and my fading tan miss you.
And last but not least my fantastic homemade lunch all market bought.  Focaccia bread, ricotta cheese, tomatoes and s&p. So simple yet so delicious.  

Keep on the lookout for one of my favorite posts yet! I'll give you a hint, it takes place in the tourist capital of Italy! Any guesses??

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