Thursday, October 23, 2014

Snacktime at the Campground

We did not have high hopes for the on-site restaurant at the campground. We must have forgotten we were in Italy. 

The food was spectacular! Nicki was smart enough to order the prosciutto with melon!  

 It was just an absolutely wonderful plate! I think they used a full melon on this one order. 

I went for the more traditional pasta but it was equally lovely. 

I think the music note was for decoration, I ate it anyway.
We tried a "traditional" Sardinian dessert which was a puff pastry with cheese inside covered in honey and sugar.

It was good but not something I would get again. The only cheese I like involved in my dessert is cream cheese, in the form of cake. 

After our hard day of lunch we headed to the pool. However, and this seems to be a common theme in Europe, they required you to have a bathing cap to go in the water. I'm sorry I didn't know it was the 1940's, the pool boy was not amused by my joke.

Have a wonderful day everyone! 


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