Thursday, October 23, 2014

Researching Ice Cream

Golfo Aranci has three things; flowers, coffee and ice cream. 

I was ready to move in! We spent most of the day wandering around and trying to figure out why "Christmas World" looked like it was still alive and running at the end of the Summer. 

Why Christmas World, Why?

But most importantly, the ice cream. During our walk we noticed two great looking ice cream shops. From then on we knew what we had to do, for the good of the people, research!

After some serious researching we can report that Gelateria Roro is the best and you can not miss it if you are in town! 

Deciding the fate of the ice cream world can be stressful. So to bring it back down we took in the lovely flowers of the neighborhood. 

All in all a great town, if a small one. But sometimes you just need to go somewhere to get away. Not us- we are always away, but we like to help out with suggestions when we can. 

A really divine cappuccino

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