Monday, October 20, 2014

"Livin It Up" with Laura

After Jen stayed wth us I had a couple of days to do nothing, Meg went to Portugal and I got the apartment ready for a visitor. One of my old College roomies was coming to Cannes!!!


We spent her first few days exploring town and laying on the beach. She was only visiting for a week so we wanted to get as much relaxing in as possible. 

^ Both courteousy of Laura's Instagram 

But somehow when we are together we always revert back to our college ways. 

I had been trying to go to Gotha night club basically all summer but could never convince Meg. So Laura and I made it our goal to get there. We started out the night at my favorite bar in Cannes, Charley's bar. 

Passports Instagram 
(Charly's was my favorite bar because there was a bartender who was super cute and always gave me free drinks. Julia and I always got free shots when we went ...) 

It was a Wednesday night so it was pretty dead there, usually it's too packed to move around in the small cavelike space. Laura and I finished our flutes of champagne (on the expensive side around 12euros, but extremely delicious) and started the trek to Gotha. Gotha is all the way on the other side of town by Palm Beach, AT LEAST a 30min walk from where we were. We knew it would cost us 25euro to get it in so we wanted to save our taxi money for drinks - which were outrageously expensive and nothing special. If you ever go don't pay for drinks inside, it's definitely NOT worth it. But we were there for a different reason a rapper who we are both fans of was performing. His name is Ja Rule. 

We love him. If you look closely you can see Laura and I in the bottom right corner trying to climb on stage...

There we are again                         ^^^^^^^^^

We were clearly having the time of our lives                                            ^^^^^^ ^ 

Not the best view but we were happily shocked we could get so close. We kept trying to touch his shoes... Hehe and I kept picking up the confetti and throwing it back at him... Good times, good times.

We attempted to take a series of selfies to capture our excitement...

My favorite is the dancers ass in the background, pure class.

Aha sometimes I think we shouldn't be left alone... 

One of the decent ones, taken by yours truly. Maybe I'm starting to get a hang of the selfie taking? 

Or maybe not, so back to Ja Rule.

At the time it was the height of the Ice Bucket challenge, raising awareness and money for ALS. So obvi Ja Rule did the challenge on stage - Highlight of the night. 

                   ^^^ Grasping at water droplets that may have touched Ja Rule!! 

                     ^ Look at me thinking I'm Ja Rules homie or something...

Unfortunately none of these pictures are mine, except the on instagram pic. The pictures were kindly provided by Laura and Gotha's Club photographer. This happened to be the night Laura and I got robbed so I lost all my pictures/videos from the evening. Goodbye credit card, drivers license and iPhone - that they took right out of my purse. smh. What we learned: we are not in College anymore, people in the real world will take advantage of you if you seem like an easy target. Especially in Europe, when it is the height of tourist season (AUGUST) and they can tell you are obviously tourists and have been drinking... The police are not much help either, there is so much theft during this season all they do is shrug their shoulders and move on to the next case. I hope those theiving French Bastards get what they deserve... Karma is a bitch. 

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