Friday, October 10, 2014

Scooting around the French Riviera

We wanted to take a little day trip along the coast, so we rented a scooter. 

I have wanted to see/swim in the pool at Hotel de Cap since I saw 'Paris When it Sizzles," since the hotel is a bit out of the main town of Antibes a scooter seemed like the easiest way to get there. 

The original idea was to rent a scooter each. But as it turns out, Nicki has never driven a scooter and they would not rent to a "novice." The one time I drove a scooter around Nantucket when I was 16 qualified me as a professional, so I drove us both. 

This is the face of a lady who knows what she is doing
 The ride was absolutely spectacular. Sun shining, water shimmering, Bentleys honking at us, another perfect day on the Riviera. 

We made it the seven miles to Antibes without mishap and began to look for the hotel. Nicki was the navigator, and as you can see, she took the job very seriously. 
We finally spotted the hotel and made our way up to the door, elated that we had succeeded on our mission. 

But no no no, the bouncer at the gate, yes we didn't even make it onto the property, told us that we could not come in for lunch, or even a drink at the bar, because we didn't have a reservation. As a place renown for their customer service this was shocking. So they sent us off. 
While we were tres disappointed, we did have the scooter till six, so our mood quickly lifted. 

We scooted into downtown Antibes for a bit of shopping and lunch. Nicki got an adorable gold ring that sits on the top half of your finger, tres chic.

We stopped at the beach for a little tanning and swimming. Then it was time to head back to Cannes. 

 But before we retuned the scooter there was one critical thing left to do, no not charge the gates at Hotel de Cap, give Nicki a driving lesson. 

All ready!

As you can see the lovely Nicki was a pro in five seconds. With our day complete, and our egos only slightly bruised, we dropped off the scooter and were delighted to receive our security deposit back. 


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  1. A. You girls are adorable! B. The scooter ride looks fabulous! Love following your adventures in Europe, brings back great memories! Take care!