Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Life in the French Riviera - Part Deux

At the end of the last post Jen and I were just finishing up our tour of the Renior Museum.

We were super impressed with the estate and couldn't recommend a better spot in the South of France. We left thinking we would head back to the train... But got slightly sidetracked walking around the quaint little town.

Unfortunately, this was an apartment building, not a place for Mimosas like we thought :(

Tiny doors, or I just may be super large...

The story behind Princy: He was a Prince who was visiting the area and apparently gay. One night he brought back two men to his bed chambers. They robbed him and killed him and that's the end... Not sure if it's true but the a British couple we met in the alley seemed to believe it.

I know it may sound extremely creepy but this old British couple invited us in so we could look at their house. They have lived there for around 12 years, don't speak much French and love it. I cant remember their names but the husband was a former hair dresser to London socialites and was hysterical... But most importantly their view was to die for.

And their pool

We left them to get ready for their family who was coming to visit (their son the DJ and his family)

We walked to the top of town to head into the old church slash lookout tower.

Inside we found a odd and mostly ugly modern art exhibit. The mix of old and new definitely did not work in this case, but thankfully it was free entry (first sunday of the month) so we weren't too bothered by it.

hello ;)

block of jeans... 

Thankfully the view helped distract us from the oddly decorated interior. 

It started to drizzle so we finally made our back to the train and headed for our next stop!

We weren't totally sure where we would get off, so we just took a chance and jumped off at Beaulieu. 

Our first stop in town was the Rotunda which is now used as a exhibition space for living artists.

We were feeling a little lazy after all the walking so we stopped at a grocery store, grabbed a couple drinks, and spent some much needed time relaxing on the beach. 

Jen is a ball of energy, compared to me at least. We only spent an hour or so on the beach and then went off to explore some more.

We stumbled upon Gustave Eiffel's (that guy who built that famous tower in Paris) former residence. Now it is a hotel but it is currently under construction so you cant see much of it.

We saw all we could from the gate and then moved on. Next stop was a typical Greek house, which cost 11euro to enter, lame. We are in France anyways, I'll see plenty of typical Greek homes in Greece thank you very much. We admired it from a far. 

It has some prime waterfront real estate.

We explored a little bit more of the beach town before deciding where to go next.

And the next stop was .............. Eze!

I swear, every town along the French Riviera is prettier than the last.

We had originally planned to hike up to Eze village, but after looking at the trail that goes over the Mountain, and our horribly wrong shoes, we decided against it. We ended our Riviera tour with a disguting seafood dinner in Nice. It was a restaurant in the main square, so just avoid that area... But we found some tradition French Socca and gelato to cheer us up. We made it just in time for the last train back to Cannes and barely crawled into bed. I fell asleep almost immediately and happily dreamt of the beautiful beaches in the French Riviera.

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