Sunday, October 19, 2014


This trip is all about trying new things and camping is new to me!

Ok so maybe this is less of a tent and more of a hut, but it still counts right? At any rate the camping village in La Luccia was right on the beach and gave us a ride in the golf cart so they win in my book! 

Woohoo golf cart
Just a casual beach view
We have been really spoiled on this trip with spectacular sunsets. This was no exception. I think there is something so pure about watching the sun set over water don't you? 

We were also treated to a full moon while on Sardinia. I know, this is an awful lot of nature for one post, but sometimes it's necessary to appreciate the natural beauty around us! 

When we finally made it down to the beach it did not disappoint! 

Fluffy sand!
Three different shades of blue in the water
Stay tuned for more camping adventures. Really just more eating, but still. 


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