Friday, October 24, 2014

Clos Reissier- White

I was lucky enough to have my fabulous cousins Kath and Kate pop up to Cannes for a few days and when in France there will be wine!

We chose a Clos Reissier which is a white wine from the Pouilly-Fuissé region of France. Pouilly-Fuissé, which is in central France, only uses Chardonnay grapes to make their wine.

This wine is very refreshing and has hints of fruit and oak. There is even a hit of apple if you try hard enough. It is a very pale white, which works for us as we are pale white too.

Chardonnay pairs particularly well with cheese, which I'm sure you already know. So since were out for dinner at L'Enoteca we were able to get our hands on some truffle brie. Let that sink in for a moment-- truffle-brie. It was to die! 

Perfect temperature a bit warm but not too melted. Just fantastic. Lets have another look at that just for fun. 

For the main dish I had a cucumber gazpacho which was so light and fresh it could not have been more perfect for a hot summer night.

All in all a wonderful evening with divine company, spectacular food and of course a flawless wine choice. 
Wine info- Clos Reissier, from Pouilly-Fuissé. It was $25. Enjoy responsibly

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