Friday, September 5, 2014

Fresh Summer Fig Salad

Who doesn't love a quick and easy summer salad?

Now I know summer is "technically" over for most people, but there is no reason to hop into Fall food just yet, no matter how warm and yummy it is. We can still squeeze a few warm, outdoor, late night dinners out of the season!

To begin you'll need- 
Fresh spinach
Fresh figs (2 per person) 
Half a ball of burrata 
And some extra virgin olive oil for the dressing

Let's get rolling! 

Step 1- Slice up the figs to bite size and rinse off the spinach. 

Step 2- Hand rip the burrata into about quarter size pieces
Step 3- Mix all the pieces (spinach, fig, burrata) together and drizzle with olive oil

Tada! You did it! I had a little toast with pesto to go along with mine, no meal is complete without some bread! But it's as simple as that! Enjoy. 


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