Thursday, September 4, 2014

French Fries and Chocolate and Beer Oh My!

The whole time I was in Bruges I felt like a little kid in a fairytale!

I feel like I should clear up a few things before I being this post. First, and most importantly, I LOVE french fries. Beyond any food and most people, french fries are number one on my list! I can not overstate how much I enjoy fries (reference the name of our blog). Second, chocolate is also very high on my list of things I love. Third, I really like beer. 

With all of these things in mind, I give you Bruges! 

The first place we went was a chocolate shop. Why? Because we passed one and it looked amazing. Little did we know we would pass 800 more that day. 

With our bags of truffles in hand we continued our walk only to stumble upon....wait for it....wait....wait! The French Fry Museum! Yes, Ladies and Gents, the people of Bruges are so dedicated to fries they made a museum! I was quickly falling into a state of pure joy! 

Oh hey there!
Is this real life?
When I have a house, I will use 2x4s to make fries for wall decorations
Then we watched an educational film, topic? French fries.
True Love!
Dream Job!

And of course the tour ended with us eating french fries in the gift shop! They were perfect!

Day one in Bruges continues and we ate a lot more things.

Don't worry Mom, we don't normally eat like this!

The main square of Bruges is adorable and hosts a market on Wednesday mornings! Don't miss it! As for the above waffle, that glory belongs to the Verdi Tea Room

Once in the square we were tempted into Historium. Now, I know what you must be thinking, but we were delirious and had eaten WAY too much candy, so it seemed like a wonderful idea. 
The princess is here!

Historium is a 4-D experience that takes you through Bruges when it was still a bussiling port town. The story follows a young apprentice to Jan Van Eyck on his quest to become a master painter himself, and get the girl, of course! It ended up being great fun, and they have great air conditioning!

The masters studio
Brr winter time!
Historium is situated right on the main square and has a wonderful balcony that affords you a birds eye view! 
Pano setting!
As you can see, the square is lined with cute restaurants and is home to "the bell tower."

Did you know, if you put your camara up to a telescope you can take cute pictures? My Uncle Eddie taught me that!

Yes, we want everyone to know we are American
This tour ends, as every good tour should, in a bar.

This handy creation is a chandelier cooler, you can lower it, take a beer out and then hoist it back up! 

A local beer is a great way to wrap up a hot day in Belgium, and it happens to be one of those countries where beer is cheaper than water. Not to poach ideas but- if you have an at home bar, how cute would an "art of serving" back splash be?  

Because of my food coma, I have failed to mention how cute and charming and lovely the city of Bruges is. With its lazy canals and charming, multicolored, houses Bruges is a perfect get away. 

Fun fact: the number of steps in your gable denote how rich you are.
And another chocolate shop
And then this magic happened! A magic PILE of fries!!
So delightful!
A quite walk home!

To recap "what do to in Bruges" here is our list
1. Have some french fries
2. Have some chocolate
3. Have a waffle (they are a "tea time" snack so they are typically not served before 3pm)
4. Get lost! The town is not very big so chances are you will not die in a back ally
5. Visit Historium and get your tourist on! 

Get excited! Tomorrow we rent bikes again. 


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